Seminar on Organic Modelling & High Precision 3D Printing


Seminar on Organic Modelling and High Precision 3D Printing @ Mumbai

Intriguity would be organising a series of seminars introducing organic modelling and high precision 3D printing across India. The first seminar was organised at IIGJ-Jaipur in April 2016. The second seminar would be on 28th May 2016.

The purpose of the seminar is to introduce the jewellers to the power of organic modelling and how they can use tools like ZBrush, Clayoo etc in their jewellery design. The seminar would also highlight the importance of NURBS based modelling and modelling for studded jewellery using RhinoGold.

Finally, the seminar would introduce the attendees to the technologies in 3D printing with a focus on High Precision 3D Printing using Solidscape 3D Printers.

The agenda of the seminar is as below

  • Introduction to NURBS modelling using Rhino.
  • Modelling for studded jewellery using RhinoGold.
  • Organic Modelling Tools & Techniques using Clayoo and Zbrush
  • Overview of technologies in 3D Printing
  • High Precision 3D Printing using Solidscape

The details for the seminar are as under

Date : 28th May 2016, 15:00 onwards.

Venue : Tunga Paradise Hotel, MIDC, Andheri (E), Mumbai.

Registrations is free but for 25 pax only on first come first serve basis, for registering pls email back on


Direct Manufacturing & E-commerce Seminar – Jan 29th 2015, Mumbai.

Jan 31th 2015

Intriguity organized a seminar for jewellery manufacturers on Direct Manufacturing & E-commerce solutions at the IIGJ Auditorium, Mumbai. The seminar was well attended by prominent jewellery manufacturers and the topics covered were latest trends in CAD/CAM, 3D Printer demo from Solidscape & 360 degree photography demo from Orbitvu.

Mr Vikrant Rawa – CEO, Intriguity & Mr Pankaj Goswami – APAC Manager for Solidscape Inc, USA were among the speakers for the seminar.

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Design, Print & Cast – Cad/Cam Seminar

April 2014

As part of the continuing education program, Intriguity organised a CAD/CAM seminar for jewellery manufacturers in Hotel Tunga International, Andheri (E), Mumbai on 19th April 2014. The agenda of the seminar included a demo on new modeling tools Clayoo and RhinoEmboss from TDM Solutions, a demo on stamping techniques for jewelry manufacturing and a demo on Solidscape 3D printer – 3Z Studio.

Prominent jewellers attended the seminar and discussed new CAD/CAM tools that would enable them to increase productivity and enhance product quality. The seminar was conducted by Mr Vikrant Rawa from Intriguity and Mr Vishal Raikar – CAD/CAM consultant.

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CAD/CAM Seminar

January 2013

Intriguity organized CAD/CAM seminar for jewellery manufacturers at the Auditorium Hall, Indian Institute of Gem & Jewellery (IIGJ). Presentations on Rhino, RhinoGold, Clayoo & Solidscape were part of the agenda. A live demo of Solidscape 3D printer was also organized to help jewellers understand the functioning of the same.

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Solidscape Worldwide Reseller Meeting

June 2011

Intriguity participated in Solidscape’s worldwide reseller meeting held at Merrimack, Nashua. The meeting was scheduled following the acquisition of Solidscape Inc by Stratasys Inc, a Nasdaq listed company.

The worldwide sales meeting covered presentations from Stratasys Inc, facility tour at the Solidscape’s Merrimack facility, marketing & sales training followed by training on technical service. The meeting also involved discussions between value added resellers from different countries to understand & share knowledge regarding individual markets, issues faced & strategies adopted to counter these issues. The entire programme was extremely interactive & useful.







At the facility tour, the resellers were shown the entire manufacturing process which included the assembly line, quality control & inspection processes, logistics & customer service. Many of the concerns from resellers were promptly & efficiently addressed by the respective departments.

Solidscape also introduced the resellers their future plans regarding their products, upcoming features & marketing strategy for the future. The acquisition of Solidscape by Stratasys was also discussed with a focus on the benefits of this acquisition both to Solidscape & the market.


CAD/CAM Seminar

April 2010

Intriguity organized a CAD/CAM seminar in Mumbai to educate the jewelry manufacturers of recent developments in the process of CAD Modeling using Rhino/RhinoJewel & computerized master model making by 3D Printing using Solidscape’s range of 3D Printers. Solidscape had recently introduced the SCP based “+” range of 3D Printers including the T76+ & the R66+
















The range of printers are comparatively faster than the previous models by about 10-20% & also provide a much better surface finish. Intriguity had organized this seminar with an objective to acquaint the jewelry manufacturers about the latest features in 3D Modeling & Solidscape’s 3D Printers. The seminar started with a session on Advanced features of Rhino Software followed by process of STL repairing using Magics Bijoux software. Further a live demonstration of Solidscape’s R66+ Printer was done which included Pre-processing of STL files, slicing using ModelWorks & loading the job on Solidscape’s R66+ 3D Printer.

“These kind of seminar helps us to understand the recent developments in CAD/CAM technology. In this competetive scenario, it is very important to keep ourselves updated with the recent innovations since that could have an effect on the end product we sell. The seminar was very effectively organized & some important queries were discussed as well including STL export parameters, importance of booleaned geometry in 3D Printing, CAD for RP etc.

Since we already use Solidscape in our company & are evaluating Rhino as well, the seminar was very helpful to us” said Mr Jitesh Rao, PD Manager at Elegant Collection, Seepz, Mumbai.

“ We look forward to organizing more seminars in future since we feel that for a technology based company like ours, seminars prove to be more fruitful than just advertisements since we are able to discuss a lot of technical issues at such seminars. Moreover, an in-depth understanding of the technology is obtained through seminars which is not possible by any other method. ” said Mr Govind Aurade from Intriguity.


Hong Kong Technical Workshop

January 2010

Intriguity participated in Solidscape’s 3 Day Technical Training Workshop held at Hotel Cosmopolitan, Hong Kong.

The 3 Day Workshop focused on each & every aspect of the functioning of Solidscape machine including technical training on troubleshooting Solidscape issues, fixing errors, replacing parts & regular maintenance operations.

Since Solidscape is an extremely high-tech product, implementing the technology in an end-to-end way is the key to successful implementation. This not only includes the hardware aspects but also covers related software applications which in totality works as a complete solution. The Workshop included resellers of Solidscape from across Asia-Pacific region & was conducted by the technical support team from Solidscape, USA.

Solidscape has recently introduced the T76+ & R66+ range of 3D Printers with the SCP technology. With this recent enhancements, there are a few changes in the way the new machines calibrate & in certain machines upgrades needs to be provided to bring them to the recent series which includes a hardware component & a software component as well. The training programme also highlighted key enhancements in the “+” series of printers with steps to perform the upgrades on older machines. A lot of common issues were also discussed in the training programme encountered by different resellers which also brought about innovative & unique ideas for resolving certain common issues which were not generally prescribed by Solidscape.







We strongly believe that our long term company growth can only be driven by a satisfied customer base. Unless our resellers are well trained on all aspects of the machine, they will never be able to support our end users. Hence, regular & in-depth training programmes have always been a part of our company’s corporate policy” commented Mr Dan Drop, Sales Manager for Asia-Pacific Region.

“Although our engineers are adequately trained on Solidscape to support our customers, we still like to use every opportunity to expose them to more detailed technical training. Moreover, this training programme has given us a good platform to interact with other resellers across Asia-Pacific & understand how they troubleshoot & tackle issues on Solidscape” says Mr Vikrant Rawa.

Solidscape India User Conference & Seminar

August 2009

Intriguity organized the 1st Solidscape User Conference & CAD/CAM seminar on 07th August 2009 at Hotel VITS International in Andheri, Mumbai. The objective of the show was to bring together all Solidscape users & prospects under one platform to disuss the new features of the machine & also to present related technologies which could benefit the users.There were presentations from Mr Fabio M Esposito – Vice President – Worldwide Sales for Solidscape, Inc USA, Mr Edmond Li- Marketing Manager for International Sales – JewelCAD, Mr Charles Berman from Bermark Designs, Bangkok & Mr Vikrant Rawa from Intriguity, India.

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The event was a huge success with some positive interaction between jewelry manufacturers & technology providers. During the show, Solidscape announced the new feature in their T76+ & R66+ 3D Printers which is the Smooth Curvature Printing (SCP) technology which allows the printer to print models with a greater surface finish & reduced layer marks. This new feature would enable companies to reduce the time & cost involved in post processing operations after casting & would also ensure more accuracy & better quality in their finished jewelry.

Also, the JewelCAD Pro – the new version of JewelCAD software was announced to be launched very soon. The new JewelCAD Pro is to have added features which would enable faster & more detailed modeling tools specific for jewelry design.  The new features were explained in detail by Mr Edmond Li from JewelCAD software. The seminar was followed by cocktails & buffet dinner.