Some glimpses from IGJME 2014

Intriguity participated in the 2nd Edition of the Indian Gems & Jewellery Machinery Exhibition 2014 held at the International Convention Centre, Surat. This exhibition is the only exclusive machinery & technology exhibition organised by the GJEPC in India. Over a 100 exhibitors exhibited in this show and the show was well attended by several jewellery manufacturers and retailers across India.

“The Indian Gems & Jewellery Industry is growing at a steady rate and is one of the largest export segments in the Indian GDP. However, the technology adoption in this industry is constantly growing and Solidscape 3D Printing solutions is one of the key technologies in this sector. Intriguity & Solidscape have more than 60 customer in India using our machines and this would most likely grow at a faster rate. Our focus is also on the retail segment’ commented Mr Pankaj Goswami – Sales Manager, Asia at Solidscape Inc.

“We expect to offer user friendly direct manufacturing and e-commerce solutions for the Indian Jewellery Industry and would like to contribute to grow this industry to be competitive in the global market offering the best products as per global standards” says Mr Vikrant Rawa from Intriguity.

Intriguity displayed software & hardware solutions including RhinoGold & Solidscape for Direct Manufacturing as well as e-commerce solutions including Orbitvu and Brazil rendering software.


Intriguity becomes Authorized VAR for Orbitvu, Poland

August 2014.

Intriguity has been appointed the Authorized VAR for Orbitvu, Poland for their product teleporting solutions in India. As the boom of E-commerce continues across the world, product visualisation is becoming extremely important. Orbitvu is an extremely innovative and award winning company based out in Poland providing unique solutions in the areas of 2D photography, 3D and 360 degree photography.

Their solutions are used in more than 100,000 companies across the world and are the pioneers of product teleporting solutions. Their unique products allow e-tailers to sell their products on the web by capturing realistic and interactive pictures and presentations of their products so that an online shopper can experience the products real time. Their experience R&D team develops the most innovative software and hardware product teleporting solutions backed by a strong support team to implement the solutions marketed by them at the customers site.

Intriguity’s focus now is in two areas – Direct Manufacturing Solutions & E-commerce solutions. This strategic tie-up with Orbitvu will allow Intriguity to implement the best in class solutions for e-tailers in the Indian Sub continent.

3Z MAX Launch

September 2013

Solidscape, Inc., a Stratasys company, has announced the latest member of their 3Z series of 3D printers, the 3Z MAX. The company’s fastest 3D wax printer yet, it is designed to offer productivity gains in the high-precision 3D printing market for direct manufacturing. Likely applications include jewelry manufacturing, industrial, medical and various other enterprises requiring great detail and fidelity.

“The 3Z MAX is the direct product of our Voice of the Customer program which focuses on customer satisfaction and product innovation,” said Fabio Esposito, President of Solidscape. “Our customers said they wanted the precision for which Solidscape is known with increased performance. The 3Z MAX delivers both at a very affordable price.”

The 3Z MAX is plug and print with automatic calibration. It features a user-friendly touchscreen interface and software that allows operators of any technical level to produce high-precision wax parts ready for casting. It uses Solidscape’s 3Z Model and 3Z Support materials, offering extreme smoothness and accurate reproduction of intricate geometries with no ash, residue or thermal expansion. Support material is dissolved away using DeWax.










Key Specifications:

  • Resolution: 5000 x 5000 dpi (197 x 197 dots/mm) in X/Y, 8000 dpi (158 dots/mm) in Z
  • Accuracy: ± 0.001 inch/inch (± 25.4 micron/25.4 mm) X/Y/Z
  • Layer Thickness: User selectable
  • Build Envelope: 6″ X 6″ X 4″ (152.4 X 152.4 X 101.6 mm)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Ethernet, USB 2.0
  • File Formats: STL and SLC
  • Desktop footprint: 21.4″ x 18″ x 16″ (558 x 495 x 419 mm)
  • Weight: 75 lbs. (34 kg)

Watch Video of 3Z MAX, click here.

Solidscape Launches New 3Z Studio Printer

September 2012

Solidscape®, Inc., the leading manufacturer of high precision 3D printers for direct manufacturing applications, announces the launch of the 3ZSTUDIO 3D printer. Designed specifically for the needs of custom retail jewelers, the fully automated 3ZSTUDIO printer brings the jeweler’s bench to the retail tabletop with Solidscape’s industry-leading surface quality and precision. With one-touch simplicity, jewelry designers and retailers of any technical level can now produce their own intricate wax patterns, ready for casting. The 3ZSTUDIO offers an effortless, affordable workflow that delivers high casting yields, consistent turnarounds and low cost-per-parts economy.

The 3ZSTUDIO features include a compact retail tabletop design, an intuitive icon based one-touch screen and variable resolutions for greater control. The 3ZSTUDIO uses Solidscape’s next generation of stronger, more durable materials, 3ZMODEL and 3ZSUPPORT. These materials produce wax patterns that are easier to work with, while retaining the precision and smooth finish characteristics required for successful investment casting.

“Until now jewelry retailers were forced to choose between the precision they needed, a performance level that fits their business and a price they could afford,” stated Esposito. Now they no longer need to compromise on any critical feature—it is jewelry perfection simplified.”

Solidscape®, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Stratasys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SSYS), is the leader in high precision 3D printers for direct manufacturing applications. Over the years, Solidscape has set the bar for the highest standards in surface finish, accuracy and material castability. Solidscape printers are marketed through a global network of distribution partners, and are used for casting fine jewelry, dental restorations, turbine blades, medical, orthopedics, consumer goods, electronics, toys and many other high precision products.


To watch video, click here

Solidscape launches the next generation on 3D Printers – the 3Z Series

July 2012

Solidscape®, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high precision 3D printers for direct manufacturing applications, announces the launch of the 3Z™PRO high precision wax 3D printer.

With one-touch simplicity, the fully automated 3ZPRO printer brings 3D high precision printing to the office desktop and retail environments. Users of any technical level can produce their own high precision wax parts, ready for casting. The intuitive touch screen uses icons as a common language. Features include self testing and auto-calibration functions, wireless connectivity, and the ability to load and manage jobs from a remote desktop. New user-friendly software enables operators to select incremental printing options using a simple on-screen slider bar. Other software innovations provide greater flexibility in scheduling, simplification of the workflow, and remote management.









“These enhancements will allow companies to become more self-sufficient in their direct manufacturing endeavors,” remarked Fabio Esposito, VP Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Solidscape, Inc. “Operators only need to refill materials and replace the build plate, similar to what they already do with their home printer.”

The overall size is 21 X 18 X 16 in, and it weighs 80 lb. The resolution in X and Y is 197 X 197 dots/min. In the Z it is 158 dots/min. Accuracy is ±0.0254 mm. Layer thickness is selectable. The surface finish is 32 to 63 microns. The build envelope is 6 X 6 X 4 in

Solidscape is also introducing the next generation of stronger, more durable materials, 3ZMODEL and 3ZSUPPORT. These materials produce parts that are easier to work with, while retaining precision and characteristics required for investment casting.

The 3Z Model Material offers a 23% strength improvement over plusCAST® and is more than 50% stronger than previous generations. This organic compound has a melting point of 221°-239°F (95°-115°C).

The printer jet expels micro droplets at a high frequency to build a part in a layer-by-layer process. The compound completely vaporizes during burnout for a highly accurate casting. The 3Z Support automatically generates a structure to protect the part during the build process. This saves on labor by eliminating the need for CAD designers to configure support structures during the design of new pieces. Once the printing is completed, labor is saved again because the Support material completely dissolves away in a liquid solution, leaving a clean wax part without the need for manual refining. The material comes in the form of an octagonal “crayon” for dust-free loading in pre-measured amounts.

Check out this video.

Solidscape Incorporates SCP technology

January 2010

Solidscape has recently introduced the R66+ and T76+ 3D printers for the jewelry industry now available for customers ordering the printers in India as well

2 1















Both the T76+ and the R66+ employ Solidscape’s new proprietary Smooth Curvature Printing (SCPTM) technology. SCP affords the dual benefits of increased print velocity and improved model surface finish by dynamically adjusting carriage velocity to sustain continuous motion along the x- and y- axes while printing the curved perimeters that constitute a model’s outer surface. This smooth curvature printing operation results in more uniform printed lines and eliminates the surface artifacts and delays caused by the jerky, stop-start carriage activity associated with traditional vector printing. Shanks are noticeably smoother and overall throughput has been substantially improved.

Current T76 and R66 users who are under maintenance agreements will be able to upgrade their units to the new “+” models at “loyalty pricing” and gain all of the benefits of SCP technology. Upgrades will also be available to those outside of maintenance at standard pricing. Smooth curvature printing upgrades include both a software component & a hardware component. The latest version of Click-it software that is installed on all T76+ & R66+ products includes support for SCP. All older T76 and R66 products can be upgraded to this version of Click-It that supports SCP.However, only T76 and R66 products that include Rev R or higher PLD programs on the controller circuit card assembly can support SCP. Rev R PLDs are included in all T76s with serial numbers 3337 and higher and on all R66s with serial numbers 1106 and higher. All T76s and R66s with lower serial numbers can be upgraded by replacing the existing controller circuit card with one that is SCP. Click-It software upgrades are available free to all T76 and R66 owners with a current warranty or Manufacturer’s Service Agreement (MSA). T76 and R66 owners with a current warranty or MSA are also entitled to more favorable pricing on upgraded controller circuit card assemblies.












Intriguity appointed as Solidscape VAR in India Region

July 2008

Intriguity has been appointed as the Value Added Reseller for Solidscape’s range of products in the India region. This colloboration is further to the visit of Mr Fabio M Esposito to India since Solidscape was looking for an aggressive and technology oriented company to sell & support their products in the India region. During the visit, Mr Fabio evaluated many companies providing different solution to the jewelry industry in India.

“The reason for collaborating with Intriguity was since the beginning of our negotiations, Intriguity was keen on having a focused approach to Solidscape’s products in India. Although Intriguity sells & supports certain software products, these products complement Solidscape & would infact leverage the product sales for both Solidscape & Intriguity. Also, we found Intriguity to be more technically equipped to support our machines since that is one of the most important factor in choosing a reseller.”



Since we have been providing CAD/CAM solutions to the jewelry & engineering industry in India, we were keen to collaborate with Solidscape because we were aware of the fact that the models produced by the Solidscape system were the most precise ones even though the system was slower than other systems. Also, when we did some initial market survey with our prospects, we found that there were a lot of misconceptions in the market about the machine regarding the speed & the maintenance required. We were 100% confident that if the product was pitched in a right way coupled with proper technical support, these systems could do very well in the Indian market. Our decision to collaborate with Solidscapewas reinforced with the visit of Mr Fabio M Esposito – Vice President,International Sales at Solidscape Inc,USA since from him we got to know a lot about the company’s future plans & commitment to succeed in the Indian market.”

During the visit, Intriguity also organized a seminar on CAD/CAM for the jewelry industry where around 20-30 jewelry companies were invited. The seminar included presentations on Rhino software by Mr Vikrant Rawa & Solidscape’s T76 & R66 series of Rapid Prototyping systems by Mr Fabio M Esposito.

About Solidscape : Solidscape, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and sells model making hardware and software.

About Intriguity :
 Intriguity is a CAD/CAM company based in Mumbai implementing various solutions to the jewelry & engineering industry.