Intriguity becomes Authorized VAR for Orbitvu, Poland

August 2014.

Intriguity has been appointed the Authorized VAR for Orbitvu, Poland for their product teleporting solutions in India. As the boom of E-commerce continues across the world, product visualisation is becoming extremely important. Orbitvu is an extremely innovative and award winning company based out in Poland providing unique solutions in the areas of 2D photography, 3D and 360 degree photography.

Their solutions are used in more than 100,000 companies across the world and are the pioneers of product teleporting solutions. Their unique products allow e-tailers to sell their products on the web by capturing realistic and interactive pictures and presentations of their products so that an online shopper can experience the products real time. Their experience R&D team develops the most innovative software and hardware product teleporting solutions backed by a strong support team to implement the solutions marketed by them at the customers site.

Intriguity’s focus now is in two areas – Direct Manufacturing Solutions & E-commerce solutions. This strategic tie-up with Orbitvu will allow Intriguity to implement the best in class solutions for e-tailers in the Indian Sub continent.

IIJS 2014

Intriguity Participated in IIJS 2014 for the 7th consecutive year

July 2014

Intriguity participated in IIJS 2014 for the 7th consecutive year. This year, Intriguity displayed the following products

1) Solidscape ‘s MAX2 3D Printer

2) Alphashot Micro from Orbitvu, Poland.

3) Rhino & RhinoGold 3D Software

4) E-commerce Solutions for Retailers

This year, we witnessed a lot of wholesalers wanting to get into jewelry manufacturing and a lot of retailers wanting to get into e-tailing. “This trend will only continue to grow” says Mr Vikrant Rawa, CEO of Intriguity. “We feel that the demand of custom jewellery will shift the focus of the wholesaler and retailer to manufacturing and the boom in Indian E-commerce will lead to increasing number of retailers wanting to sell their products online. Hence our focus would be in two areas moving forward – Direct Manufacturing and Global Sales.

This year, the show was also attended by Mr Pankaj Goaswami, Sales Manager from Solidscape Inc, USA.